Dink - Nigerian Dwarf buckling born 07/03/22

Our Goats

2022 Kids


Brownie - Mini-Nubian buckling born 07/01/22


Pie - Lamancha doeling born 06/09/22


Peanut - Nigerian Dwarf buckling, born 06/15/22


Puddin' - Lamancha buckling born 06/09/22


Mocha - Nigerian Dwarf doeling, born 06/15/22


Maple - Nigerian Dwarf doeling, born 06/15/22


Frosty - Nigerian Dwarf doeling, born 05/25/22


Iris - mini Saanen doeling, born 05/03/22


Zeus - mini Saanen buckling, born 05/03/22


Athena - mini Saanen doeling, born 05/03/22

Adult Goats


Pepe is a yearling  Nigerian Dwarf doe. She is very small, but makes up for it with her big personality. Pepe is one of our friendliest and most mischievious goats.


Flower is Pepe's twin brother.. He is a wether and his job is to be a companion for our buck Elf. Flower and Pepe were born on our farm right before the polar vortex last year and we raised them as bottle babies. Because of this they are both very friendly with people and easy to handle. 


Minnie is a yearling Alpine doe we bought as a bottle baby. She got her name due to being a lot smaller than he half sister Midge, who we also bought. Minnie is a very gentle and calm doe. 


Midge is a yearling Alpine doe and Minnie's half sister. She is our most docile goat and always wants attention. Midge is tall and will be one of our largest goats when she is fully grown.


Kamala is a mini Lamancha doe born on our farm last spring. She got her name because of her resemblance to a baby camel. Kamala was dam raised and can be a bit feisty. 


Daffy is Kamala's twin sister. Unlike Kamala, she did not get the short Lamancha ears, but she does have a beautiful coat color. Daffy is skittish but is easy to handle once you catch her. 


Fidget is a yearling Toggenburg doe we got from Texas last year as a bottle baby.  She is very friendly and good-natured. She has two wattles and is a light brown color. 


Fuzzy is also a yearling Toggenburg doe. She is very calm and on the lazy side. She is dark brown and very furry. 


Skin is a 4 year old registered Saanen doe we rescued from Missouri in the spring of 2021. Skin had healthy triplets this May and is a great mother. 


Bones is another 4 year old Saanen doe we rescued from Missouri.  She loves attention from people and is a great milker. 


Elf is our Nigerian Dwarf buck. We brought him home as a bottle baby in December 2020 when he was only a few days old. He has a gentle temperament and throws flashy kids.