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Leah - owner

Welcome to High On A Hill Dairy Goats, LLC. We are a small farm located on 25 beautiful acres in Kellyville, OK. We primarily raise dairy goats, but we also have Kunekune pigs, chickens, guineas, and rabbits. 

Our Story

We got started back in 2020 when we purchased our first two goats at the beginning of the pandemic. We quickly fell in love with their quirky personalities, but eventually decided we wanted goats with a purpose. After a lot of research we decided to get into dairy goats. Over the course of a year we went from caring for 2 pet goats to owning about 15. We couldn't settle on one breed, so we have a little bit of everything: Saanens, Toggenburgs, Alpines, Nigerian Dwarves, and mini-Lamanchas. They all have their own distinct personalities and characteristics. 

We got the idea to do goat yoga because we wanted to share our love of goats with the broader community and let other people experience what we get to experience everyday. Goats are very caring and fun creatures and they never fail to cheer you up when you are having a bad day. Spending time with them is a sure way to relieve stress and try something new. 

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